To Commission something is “to order [it] to be made.” (Merriam-Webster) When you commission a composer to write a piece of music, you are participating in an important part of the creative process to bring about a work of art that otherwise would not have existed. Also intrinsic in the idea of commission is a certain amount of influence in the final product. While still permitting the composer artistic freedom, you can prescribe boundaries such as instrumentation and voicing, difficulty level, and in many cases have input into stylistic elements and text choices. Commissioned pieces of music also allow the commissioning party the opportunity to dedicate the work to a specific individual or group of individuals they wish to honor or commemorate.

You should commission a new piece of music…
…for significant events in the life of your organization or ensemble
…if you are constantly searching for a specific type of music for your ensemble
…if your musical group always seems to have more money than it knows how to spend
…any time you feel concern about the future of music and want to have some say in it

You should consider commissioning a work from Douglas…
…if you enjoy other things he’s written
…if you need a quick turn-around (subject to schedule availability)
…(for now) if you have a budget you need to work around

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